Tommy Zoom, a 30 part 4.5min animated series aimed at 4-6 year olds about a Super Hero who battles to maintain an ecologically friendly environment here on Earth. I was the Supervising animator for the series.
Medical Training
Commissioned by The Global Library of Womens Medicine, this animation is a detailed guidance for counselling patients on IUD postpartum. It is one of many I have animated for this charity.
Virgin Cola
I posed out and animated Roller Cola Girl, a Jamie Hewlitt creation, for an online game targeted at 14-16 year olds to promote Virgin Cola.
I was originally trained during film production at Amblimation, a studio set up by Stephen Spielberg in London. I worked on American Tail II, We're back and the initial stages of Balto. I was Key Clean-up Artist for the main character which was animated by Jeff Varab. Here I witnessed the rudiments of film production within a large studio.
Ebola Epidemic Guide
This guide takes the form of a 4-minute animated video with a voice commentary and has been specifically designed so that it can be fully understood regardless of whether or not the viewer can read.
Singing Turtles is a game for the BBC website which I illustrated and animated. Create your Own Tune!
Global Library of Womens Medicine
Medical animated illustrations to show the insertion technique of Postpartum IUDs.
Harcourt Publishing
I illustrated and animated a series of Mood Movies to set the scene for a Key Stage 1 Multi Media CD-ROM series published by Harcourt.
Dorling and Kindersley Publishing
I designed and animated the 2 characters for penguin and Bears Big Reading Adventure and Big Maths Adventure for CD-Rom. Aimed at 5-7 year olds, they aim to develop literacy and mathematic skills through four fun games led by the animated duo.
'Just So Darwin' is a 13 part animated series for the BBC as part of there Darwin 200 anniversary. I created all of the animatics and animated episodes 9 and 10.
Book Illustrations
Here I created a series of illustrations for a book pitch.
Medical Aid FIlms
MAF is a film making charity who produce training films and animations to health workers in low income countries. This film has been shown extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa and has been translated into French, Swahili, Somali and Dari.
'Neema delivers a baby' shows ten basic steps that anyone attending to a woman in labour should take to ensure a healthy, safe birth.
BBC Worldwide
This is a series of 28 animated storylines for the BBC ELC Curriculum to teach English to foreign children using the Tommy Zoom characters. I created Suzie Whizz and animated the majority of the stories.
Harcourt Publishing
I animated and illustrated this interactive story teaching Key Stage 1 Literacy for part of Harcourt's MultiMedia Reading CD-Rom. The stories lead the reader through 3 different routes, each one with a different moral ending.
Commissioned to invent a game to encourage teenage boys to learn French. This online dating game was originally for Bitesize.
I Can - Childrens Charity
An on-line interactive teaching facility to support children with speech, language and communication needs. I designed the background and created the characters for this.
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