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Project Management.



I specialise in a spectrum of different media which includes film, broadcast, advertising, print and interactive entertainment. To date I have designed characters, initiated ideas, drawn up storyboards, set styles and have co-ordinated large and small scale projects. This includes producing and editing animations to final broadcast quality.




I am a traditional animator who has been originally trained in 2D film animation at Amblimation Studios set up by Stephen Spielberg back in the 1990's in London. That is to say, I learnt on paper using a pencil and the flick technique! 


Nowadays I work as a freelance animator, character designer and illustrator using mainly Adobe Flash. I am also enjoying honing my skills at Motion Graphics in After Effects in order to supply a complete package at a better rate for clients. 


Since I set out 20 years ago, I have continually worked in London as a full time member of staff on film sets and then in large and small media studios as a Design Animator or a Supervising Animator. My employment has lasted for 4 years+ in each establishment. However, for the last 5 years I have been freelancing from my studio in Wiltshire and alot of the work you can see here has been done for AV Studios in London: see


My range of work has extensively been within the Education Sector (such as the BBC Science Clips, Harcourt Pubishing, Pearson, Dorling and Kindersley, Oxford University Press, BBC Worldwide), Children's Entertainment (Amblimation Films, Cbeebies Tommy Zoom, FoxKids, ) and for Medical Establishments (namely the animated illustrations for Medical Aid Films, the Global Library Of Womens Medicine and a CD-Rom for Anne Hoopers Ultimate Sex Guide).


I pride myself on being a good reliable team player who performs well under pressure, delivers to a high standard, hits deadlines on schedule and who has the experience to advise clients on the best and most cost effective way to communicate through animated design.




Adobe Flash

After Effects 

3D Studio Max

Sound Edit Pro


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